The registration fees are as follows:

Students (PhD, MSc) & Seniors Academic Industrial
150 € 200 € 500 €

The registration fee includes the scientific sessions, a booklet containing abstracts, coffee, refreshments, lunches, get-together party and conference dinner.

Deadline for the registration is May 14th.


Registration fees should be paid to:

Suomen NMR-spektroskopiaseura ry
FI59 8146 9710 0389 35
(Danske Bank, BIC: DABAFIHH)
Write your name and "NMR Symposium 2018" in the comment.

The deadline for payments is 14.5.2018.

If you have any questions regarding registration or payments feel free to contact us at organizers(at)nmrsymposium(dot)fi

If you are interested in attending for only for one or two days, please, contact us at organizers(at)nmrsymposium(dot)fi to make arrangements.


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